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    Stuck on a roof

    Server and location: Cherno,near isle base,On a roof Video Evidence (Needed), or possible picture evidence: https://imgur.com/4BWoWjF Your in game name: Damon Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: none Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none just stuck Detailed description of the events: I was in a building then server restarted,I joined back and i was on the roof
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    Food is a scarce thing for a lot of people and some survivors resort to farming with the seeds they've found. This coming Monday at the bell tower in Cherno we'll be hosting a food drive where people can bring spare food in hopes of feeding empty bellies and making positive first impressions with new comers. Bring your charitable side and your canned or grown goods.
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  6. DENIED PLEASE DON'T BUMP TOPIC DIRECTLY TO AN ADMINISTRATOR. TRY AGAIN AND PUT MORE EFFORT INTO THE STAFF APPLICATION. ALSO BEING A STAFF MEMBER REQUIRES THE USER TO HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SERVER COMMUNITY, HAVE THE ABILITY AND TIME TO DO THE JOB AT HAND, KNOW THE IN'S AND OUT'S OF THE GAME AND HOW TO DEAL WITH CERTAIN ASPECTS LIKE PLAYERS, REPORTS, WHITELISTING, BANNING, UPDATING, ETC. THE ROLE OF A STAFF MEMBER ISN'T A QUICK AND EASY TASK AND REQUIRES THE APPLICANT TO PUT FULL EFFORT INTO HIS/HER APPLICATION, RESULTING IN A "HALF DONE" OR MEDIOCRE APPLICATION WILL MOST LIKELY GET IT DENIED. Helpful advice: Ways in which you can easily get accepted into the IvoryDayz Staff Team would be. Get to know the community members and gain their trust and respect. Get to know the current Staff Team and gain their trust and respect. Not bumping current application, this stuff takes time and major consideration. Become educated with the rules found here. Become Educated with the Server and how mods, gameplay and ruleplay work. Grow a knowledge base of how the server operates. Ask for tips from administrators on how to be a better roleplay. Gaining a reputation for yourself that is bad, wont help. Be respectful in discord, forums and game servers. Never Give Up, Show More Interest Towards The Job At Hand, You'll Be Accepted One Day! We understand you wanting to show these characteristics and show a major interest in the server and want to help out, we understand our population size isn't the largest yet, but we still require the upmost professionalism and mature behavior as a staff member, BIG or small, remember that being a staff comes with responsibility and that all our staff members are the voice to the community and the face to the community.
  7. Age - 17 Name - (All are Ghost) SteamID 64 - 76561198190150645 Country of origin - Lebanon TimeZone - GMT+3 How long have you been apart of the community? - 1 Day,New server ... Have you been banned from our community? - No Why would you like to become staff? - Well, I like the server and would love to be able to help out when needed, I've been wanting to apply but never really got to the point of pressing "Post Thread" because of some difficulties which made me doubt my decision. I don't really know what to do about the current situation but I'll attempt to help others whenever I can. I would also like to join the staff team so I can prove myself to other people, and show them that I'm not useless. What makes you good at being staff? - What makes me a good staff is how i treat other people,How i interact with others,My experience in many many game rp servers.Ive have everything Dayz Staff members should have and its Knowledge and skill.
  8. lil late on the Character post
  9. Official Flag of the Islamic State of Chernarus
  10. In Game name: Raimo Moe Lester or "Rape" to friends
  11. In game name: Frank Banks Discord: FranksDank
  12. Ingame name: Dominik Willens
  13. Ingame name — Almec
  14. Ingame name - Borya Petrov
  15. Do NOT post in reports in which you are not involved! Only post in reports if you are directly involved in the situation in game or you are called in by a staff member. Only post appropriate content Posting any comments that do not directly address the report or that are in any way inappropriate will not be tolerated. Use the correct template! All report must be created using the template we provide below. Reports not following the template will be deleted without notice. Provide accurate server time! All servers use the same timezone, so called "server time". You can see the server time in the top right corner next to the log out button and on the home page. ALWAYS use server time and NOT your local time or shard time when referencing an event. Report titles! When creating a Report thread, as a Subject line (title), state the server name, type of the report, location and date and server time of the incident. For example, "S1: KoS in Cherno - 02/01/2016 15:38" Video evidence! Photo or video evidence is required to be provided as soon as possible. Videos are required to be unedited and posted publicly on the thread. Videos uploaded to YouTube must be set as not listed. Staff will not accept evidence via private messages.
  16. Being a staff member means you are the face of this community, you are the one people look to when needing help. It is a serious job in the form of keeping a good reputation for our community and keeping our members satisfied and happy. So we have strict requirements for your application to be accepted. Age Limit - 16 years of age & mature behaviour. Recent bans - Having recent bans to your account, will result in you not being able to join staff (Unless reviewed otherwise to be fit) Time - There needs to be a time that you can be on to do your job as a staff member, we dont want inactive staff who come and go weeks on end. Language - As this is a Primarily Speaking English Community, you will be required to speak fluent english. ONCE YOUR APPLICATION IS ACCEPTED YOU WILL BE REQUESTED TO JOIN DISCORD AND JOIN THE WAITING FOR SUPPORT CHANNEL UNTIL A HIGHER UP MOVES YOU FOR YOUR INTERVIEW. BE PREPARED WITH THE LINK TO YOUR APPLICATION AND A CLEAR MINDSET TO BE ASKED A COUPLE MORE QUESTIONS. IF NOBODY HELPS YOU, CONTACT A ADMINISTRATOR VIA THE FORUMS OR DISCORD OR JUST WAIT.
  17. TITLE - Staff Application - Forum name BEGGINING OF APPLICATION Age - (DOB) Name - (Forum name, ingame name, discord name) SteamID 64 - (Can be found here) Country of origin - (Country you currently in) TimeZone - (TimeZone of your country) How long have you been apart of the community? - Answer. Have you been banned from our community? - Answer. Why would you like to become staff? - Minimum of 100 words. What makes you good at being staff? - Minimum 100 words.
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