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    IvoryDayz is a community created by mature people, for mature players. We are adults who want to enjoy high level role play in a controlled setting without having to interact with immature individuals who could destroy our experience. Similarly, we do not want to participate in or host any kind of Internet drama or bullying. These rules apply everywhere, not just things you do, say or send through IvoryDayz services.

    • All our players are required to be polite, behave maturely and respect other community members.  Harassing, trolling or provoking other IvoryDayz members may result in a permanent ban.
    • No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is allowed on our forums.  Any images, gifs or texts that can be seen as NSFW will get removed and the person who posted it will be punished.
    • Do not reply to threads that are not applicable to you (this applies to reports).
    • Do not imitate a staff member in forums.  This can lead to a ban on all our services.
    • Racism is not allowed in our forums and could result in a permanent ban.


    We have zero tolerance policy for any use of cheats or exploits. We require our players to play with the spirit of fair play in mind. The game should be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with other players.

    • Cheating or exploiting on any of our services, will get you warned and possibly banned. 
    • Be a good sport and don't bring in-game interactions to a fight on the forums or discord.
    • Any form of game mechanic exploits are considered a punishable offence. 


    As we are a role playing server, we require that all players remain “in character” when playing.  This means that one should always behave as their character would if they existed in real life. We want to keep rules on our server to a minimum, however; we need to enforce some to ensure that the quality of roleplay remains high.

    • KOS

      • KOS (kill on sight) is strictly forbidden on our servers.  You must initiate on other players and provide roleplay before engaging them.  The rules for engagements are described below.


    • OOC and IC voice chat

      • You are required to remain IC (in character) at all times while in game.  This means no OOC (out of character) chat over voice communications. If you want to send an OOC message use text chat with “//” at the beginning of the message.  A few OOC slip-ups in voice comms are tolerated. However, repetitive violations may result in a ban.

    • Valuing One’s Life

      • Your character must behave realistically in all situations. You should never act in a way that would jeopardize your character’s health or survival.  

      • If you are heavily outnumbered and/or outgunned in a fight, you should surrender instead of trying to fight back.  We are pretty lenient on this rule, and players should only be reported if they engage in a gunfight at a very clear disadvantage (i.e. outnumbered by 2+ people or bringing a knife to a gunfight)

      • If you are taken hostage, you should follow your hostage taker’s demands and not do anything that could get you killed

    • Death Rule

      • If you die in an interaction, you lose all memory of that interaction and cannot return to the scene of the fight for an hour.  In addition, you cannot return to that fight even if it leaves the original location or more than an hour has passed.

    • Metagaming

      • You may not use or transmit any out of character information at any point while in game.  A common example of a violation is relaying information to your team after you have been taken hostage and your radio has been confiscated.

    • Forcing Actions and Beliefs

      • You may force actions upon other players that you could realistically do in real life.  Forcing beliefs on other players works just as it would in real life as well.

    • Impersonation

      • Impersonation of players or groups of players is allowed just as it would be in real life.  However, you may not impersonate a player for the purpose of getting them banned or ruining their reputation in the community.

    • Bad role play

      • You can never bring out of character drama into an RP interaction.  In addition, any role play that is highly unrealistic or solely intended to troll others will not be tolerated

    • Hostile Interactions

      • A hostile initiation is where you demand that a player or group of players do something under threat of violence.  Once this happens, you must give the opposing party a reasonable amount of time to respond to your requests before you take action against them.  Failure to do so is considered KOS

      • Once you initiate on a group, they and any allies who could see or hear the interaction (in person or over radio) have kill rights on you.  In addition, any third parties who could see or hear the initiation and wish to help also have kill rights. If any of these parties disobey your commands, wait too long to respond to your demands, or begin to engage (raising your weapon counts as an engagement) you also have kill rights and may defend yourself

      • If you take a player hostage and their friends or a third party engages you in an attempt to save the hostage, you may execute the hostage.  If the hostage doesn’t obey all your demands or does something that could harm you or your group, you are permitted to execute the hostage.  If you take a player from a group hostage, you may make demands to the hostage's groups and execute the hostage if those demands are not met within a reasonable amount of time.  If your hostage was part of a hostile interaction with you or your group in the past that resulted in the death of at least one of your group members, you are allowed to execute the hostage. If none of these statements apply, you are not permitted to execute your hostage and you must ensure their safety until their release.

      • Once you wish to release a hostage, you must leave them with a reasonable chance for survival.  This does not entail giving them any supplies, but you cannot leave them on the brink of starvation or dehydration, or in a situation in which they will almost certainly die (i.e. surrounded by zombies with no means to defend themselves)

      • There are no rules regarding why you may initiate on a group.  However, you must always act realistically and provide roleplay to the opposing party.  For example, you are allowed to hold player’s up for their gear, but you cannot sift through their things in silence then leave without saying a word.

      • You may not “bait” another player into initiating on you so that you can gain kill rights on them.

      • Once you are initiated on, you retain kill rights on the initiators for the next hour.

      • Once you initiate on another party, you are required to remain online for the duration of the interaction and for 30 minutes after the confrontation has finished.  If you are initiated on but choose to fight back instead of surrender, the same time constraints apply. If you are taken hostage, you are required to remain online for the duration of the interaction but may log off as soon as the interaction finishes

    • Griefing

      • Destroying or removing parts of a player’s base without any valid in character reason is considered griefing.  Also, you do not have to have been in a past hostile interaction with the base owners to raid a base. If you catch a player in the process of raiding your base, you are allowed to engage without any initiation.

    • Safe Zones/Trader Areas

      • Safe zones are designated areas set up by admins on the map where hostile interactions are not allowed.  In addition, destroying, griefing, or raiding trader bases is strictly prohibited.  While these trader areas are set up by admins, they are managed and run by normal players.  If you would like to run a trader base, please apply on the forums.


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